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Dr. Miguel Delgado Discusses the Natural Facelift

Dr. Miguel Delgado Discusses the Natural Facelift Surgery and Fat Injections

facelift surgery marin county, California
facelift surgery marin county, California

Marin County facelift specialist, Miguel A. Delgado, M.D. states that fat injections in addition to the natural face lift, can add fullness to the face that is lost as we age.  The science is clear,  facelift rejuvenation in Marin, CA and volume replacement is an essential part of maintaining youth in the face.  The science of using your own fat is totally natural or organic and is no down side.

There are several types of facelift procedures that are advertised here and can be confusing such as, the lunchtime facial rejuvenation, lifestyle face treatment, fast face lifting procedure, thread lift, one hour lift, etc. These are facelift that are geared for mass production and less quality with somewhat reduced prices.

Dr. Miguel Delgado warns his patients that in order to get the ultimate long lasting results from a facelift procedure, there should not be any short cuts. The  Marin County natural facelift surgery may include the upper and lower eyelids, a forehead lift, and fat injections. There are additional procedures that can be done at the same time such as, lip augmentation, nose revision and even a skin peel can be done while the patient is sedated.

Fat injections or fat grafting, is a well-established procedure that has been around for two decades and is an excellent procedure for facial volume replacement.

Dr. Delgado has been using the fat injection or fat grafting procedure for years with excellent results. The patient below is pictured before facelift surgery with fat injections, six months after surgery, and then five years after surgery.  Dr Delgado is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Delgado discusses face lift treatment for women